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Weisses Kreuz

Biguna GmbH
Bierjodlgasse 6
5020 Salzburg
+43 662 265872



 Arrival by car

  • Please enter Rudolfskai 37 into your GPS system.
  • At the pedestrian light turn right onto Mozartsquare.
  • There you will find a bollard system for which you need a code. 
  • We will send you the code by e-mail a few days before your arrival.
  • Follow the red arrows on the map to get to our house.
  • Please do NOT use your GPS system! It will guide you wrong.
  • After your check in we have to ask you to park your car in the nearby parking garage of the "Barmherzigen Brüder" at Kajetanerplatz 2. . 
  • You also can drive directly to the parking garage. 
  • For the short walk to our house please follow the green arrows on the map.
  • We can offer you a special parking rate. Please pay and collect your exit ticket at our reception.